These socks are going to take FOREVER!!! But I love how they are turning out. The whole thing that started my desire to knit socks was a Tumblr post going around a couple weeks ago (I can’t find it now) that listed a whole bunch of free Ravelry knit socks patterns. I fell in love with the pattern for “Hermione’s Everyday Socks" and now that I have successfully made a pair of socks with worsted weight yarn and medium size needles I decided to try the Hermione socks (sorta).

I always alter patterns in crochet and apparently knitting is no different. I am going toe-up even though the pattern is written top down, and using the heel technique I learned from KnitFreedom, but found the original creator’s blog which listed the formula for figuring out how much I have to increase for the heel HERE.

I’ve been training at my new job, but I have the next two days off, so hopefully I can get a good chunk of these done before I go back to work on Thursday.

Bought some size 2 circular knitting needles and am now trying some socks using actual sock yarn!!!

@hollygrimmett suggested that I use the new yarn (picture 2) I got from my sister-in-law’s mother (I wish there was a word for that) to make a shawl and I’ve had just the pattern sitting in my Ravelry queue for a little while now. Expect progress picture soon!

I hope you guys don’t mind a few knitting projects now and again because I am determined to become a skilled sock knitter.

So my sister-in-law’s mother found a bagful of this yarn at a thrift store and sent it to me. It’s Berroco Cotton Twist. I have 9 skeins that are 85 yards each. So I need to find a project in which to use approximately 750-765 yards of cotton/rayon yarn. :D Any ideas?