dabuschckah answered: learn how to knit small circumferences in the round, with either dpns or magic loop. Then, any simple sock pattern should be easy!

Ok. Thanks. I really just didn’t know where to start and figuring out how to knit in the round is probably it. :D

spinningabout said: Youtube! Find a toe up sock. They are really truly basic. Don’t let people tell you it’s too hard. Socks were the first thing I ever knit.

Cool. Thank you. I learned to crochet *gasp* before Youtube! So by the time I was looking up videos for crochet, I was already at an advanced level so I already had all of the neccessary skills to execute whatever it was that I was looking at and when it comes to knitting I know how to cast on, knit, purl, cast off, straight lines, that’s it. So this is definitely a challenge. No one can convince me I can’t do it, I’m just having trouble figuring out where to start.


What other choice do I have?

I learned socks with the toe-up Skew pattern off Knitty... But I had experience with double-pointed needles. If you can increase/decrease and knit in the round, toe-up socks with a simple ribbed cuff would probably work to learn to knit socks!!

That is a really cool pattern. :D Thanks for the advice, but that’s the thing… I haven’t done any of those things. I have only ever knit straight lines and only ever increased or decreased on accident. I have zero experience with anything other than traditional knitting needles and straight lines. I will definitely keep that pattern in my files though and look into other simple patterns. Thanks for the advice.

I want to learn to knit socks, but I have no idea where to start.

I learned the very basics of knitting (casting on, knit, purl, and that’s about it) before I every ventured into crochet, but at 12 years old I found crochet so much easier. In the years since I have found that anything I want knitted I can usually crochet just as nicely and usually easier, but socks just don’t transition nicely into crochet. That being said I know I have some followers who knit and I want to ask you, where do I start if I want to learn to knit socks?